Millie’s workshops transformed deep seated patterns that I have struggled to shift for a few years now. Her processes helped me gain access to what was hidden and showed me a different spectrum of light residing within me. I am immensely grateful.

B. P. C, Consultant, Cape Town

[Millie] is upfront; insightful and her sessions (though dig deep) are great for creating a proper balance with regards to life, work and school.

EMBA Student, U of Cape Town

Wonderful, Millie truly is one of the best in this area of mindfulness/consciousness etc.

EMBA Student, U of Cape Town

[Millie] has incredible wisdom, coupled with immense generosity of spirit and humility – and is so open to share her own experiences. The personal growth I got from her work is invaluable.

EMBA Student, U of Cape Town

The increased awareness of these issues is having a huge impact on my development at the moment.

EMBA Student, U of Cape Town

Great sessions – very useful, bring(ing) people together and being in touch with their emotions and creating …empathy for better team work. 

EMBA Student, U of Cape Town

The reminder that we all have baggage with us when we interact with people, and that we should be more aware of how we speak was a useful wake up call. I enjoyed the easy and open manner with which she engaged the class and am excited to continue in future modules with her. 

EMBA Student, U of Cape Town

Millie is an expert in the field of personal  mastery and this reflects in her teachings. She is able to reflect through her own life experiences and is able to assist individuals in a meaningful way.

Adcorp Personal Mastery Student

Millie Rivera’s wisdom, unconventional ways and loving nature are striking qualities which leave a mark on you. Through my work with Millie I learned to be more forgiving and accepting of myself, and also to notice certain patterns in my behavior.

A.S.C, Singapore

With Millie’s coaching, I’ve grown as a human being and become a totally different person. I am now calmer, more focused, more tolerant and understand the purpose of my life better.

J. v. H., Cape Town