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Mastery is a state in which you have embraced yourself as a ceaseless creator and assumed complete responsibility for everything that comes into the field of your awareness without judging it…[Way of Mastery, Book One: Way of the Heart, Lesson 8.]


In the beginning, there was kerplunk!

The concept of Kerplunk caught my attention back in 2008. That year I began a Way of Mastery (WOM) study group in Singapore. The Way of Mastery is a trilogy that embodies a powerful message from Jeshua bin Joseph (or …

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Personal Mastery in Organizations 

Given the turbulence of the global markets, it is becoming more obvious that a willingness to learn and the ability to embrace change, handle stressful situations and think innovatively are indispensable traits individuals…


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Excerpts from Way of mastery

The Way of Mastery is a trilogy (Way of the Heart, Way of Transformation and Way of Knowing). This work features the channeled messages of Jeshua (Jesus), the master of unconditional love…

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