Millie, thank you so much for your boundless energy and love. I’m happily living with my healing and working hard on the self-love. Getting easier every day!

L. O., Cape Town

You are an amazing facilitator and although the workshop was emotional I felt safe and loved. It’s not often that one has the space created to stop and focus on the shadow self and be honest by admitting that side to others as well as embracing it.

P.N., Cape Town.

Through the meditation classes that Millie facilitated, I have become more open and humble, more able to face fears, and more compassionate. Most importantly I have learnt that I am good enough to be loved and I am truly blessed. Above all, Millie’s meditation class is where you can always relax and embrace love!

CYY, Singapore

I feel so fortunate that I got to learn from you… I think that you’re doing a lot more teaching than you realize, just by being who you are and modeling strength, courage and passion. So thank you, Millie, for teaching me and inspiring me.

S.V., Singapore

You are an amazing facilitator and I feel blessed to have learned from you.

S.M, Cape Town