Self-acceptance & integration

“Mastery is fearless. That is, you no longer fear the infinite, creative power of your perfect union with God. “I and my Father are One!” is one expression of mastery. [Way of Mastery, Book One: Way of the Heart, Lesson 8.]“


As community leaders, employees, friends and even life partners, we seek to project an image/persona of efficiency, diligence, integrity, goodness, and success. But often, underneath this public image, are aspects of ourselves we have cast aside. In many instances we are no longer aware that we have disowned or rejected these aspects. The self-acceptance and integration process involves exploring our personal traits and attributes (the so called bad and the good) and identify which ones need to be embraced/integrated. The result of this integration is greater self-awareness, a healthier sense of who we are, and a more authentic way of relating to others. This is a powerful process where participants support each other.

I run this workshop every few months at Kerplunk Huis in 19 Cornwall Road, Lakeside, Cape Town. For more information, please contact me at: