The Power of Kerplunk

“Mastery is fearless. That is, you no longer fear the infinite, creative power of your perfect union with God. “I and my Father are One!” is one expression of mastery. [Way of Mastery, Book One: Way of the Heart, Lesson 8.]“


Literally, Kerplunk is the sound a pebble (a thought) makes when it hits the surface of a still pond (our mind). As the pebble hits the surface of the water, it creates the vibration (ripples) that set in motion the process of manifestation (creation). But kerplunk is more than that. Based on my work as a discussion leader with The Way of Mastery, kerplunk is

  • The process of co-creating our life and our experiences with God
  • A space of stillness where we have unlimited potential to create with awareness
  • A miracle in the making
  • Life lived with absolute trust that we are divinely guided and that we never (ever!) create anything in error
  • A space of joy and wonder, where creativity is limitless
  • A space of fearlessness, where grace and trust in our Creator replace fear
  • A space at the edge of a cliff, where we stand looking at a sea of possibilities that beckons us to jump, swim, laugh, and live as One with God.

I have chosen to embrace The Power of Kerplunkand take responsibility for everything that happens in my life. From this space of personal experience, I choose to share with others—through my work—this powerful gift so they can experience positive changes in their lives. I strongly believe that by living in a state of creative awareness, we can help shift the consciousness of our family, workplace, and ultimately the planet; a tall task to be sure, but one that is pregnant with amazing (and fun) possibilities.