About Personal Mastery

Organizations learn only through individuals who learn… People with
high levels of personal mastery are more committed. They take more initiative.They have a broader and deeper sense of responsibility in their work.They learn faster. [Senge, P.M., 2000.The Fifth Discipline, pp. 129, 133]



Personal mastery is a process which enables people to live in a continual learning mode—they never ‘arrive’. Nonetheless, people with a high level of personal mastery are acutely aware of their ignorance, their incompetence, and the areas where they need to grow, while at the same time are deeply self-confident. (Senge 1990: 142)

Some of the key attributes of personal mastery involve

  • Becoming mindful
  • Identifying your purpose in life and having a clear vision
  • Learning to accept and love yourself
  • Understanding your personality, including the traits you would rather not embrace
  • Becoming aware of your unquestioned assumptions or unconscious ways of being
  • Achieving greater self-awareness
  • Ability to fully feel feelings and manage emotions
  • Understanding the impact our moods and actions have on others
  • Taking responsibility for the direction of your life
  • Appreciating diverse points of view
  • Becoming more understanding and compassionate toward yourself and others
  • Becoming inspired, energized and happy with our life—as is
  • Developing greater integrity and humility
  • Enjoying being of service to others

Facilitator of workshops at

  • The University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business [Training EMBA students as well as junior, mid and high level executives of companies attending UCT-GSB’s customized courses, such as New Rand and Adcorp.]
  • The National University of Singapore
    • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
    • Tembusu College, University Town