How do we explain the “bad” things of this world spiritually?

If you are willing to suspend your beliefs, your judgments and your attachment to your fears  for a moment, I invite you to listen with an open mind… more importantly, with an open heart to an alternative explanation. You are totally free to reject everything I say  or to accept only that which resonates deep within you.

Our true nature is spirit. We are energy. We are divine beings having a human experience that we have willingly chosen.

We incarnate to have experiences. As spirit, we are everything and nothing exists beyond or outside of us. So how do you know or experience darkness if all you are is light? How do you know and experience anger if all you are is peace and loving harmony?

As spirit, we yearn to experience the totality of emotions and experiences. Why would divine, infinite, perfect, innocent, magnificent beings like us want to do that? And the answer is… why not???

From a spiritual perspective, we know our unlimitedness, our divine creative power, that we have always existed and will never die, that nothing of the illusory world we call the third dimension (or Earth) can diminish us in any way, that we are ONE with God because we were created by Him/Her and therefore are simply an extension of That One, who is not only everywhere but is everything.

Yes, you heard me correctly. I am saying there is ONLY God. Nothing else exists. Nothing! Listen again… There is nothing else beyond or outside of God. God is all there is.

We, as humans, have created the illusion that we are separate from God—actually not only separate but different from God… less than God—and that somehow we have to “earn” our way back into God’s love. And that is insane. Why? Because God cannot possibly create anything than is unlike Him/Her. Imagine a zebra giving birth to a monkey or a banana tree blooming roses. It’s impossible. And the same is true of God.

So, if God can only create like himself and I think we can all pretty much agree on a few things here–such as that God is perfect love energy, absolute compassion and pure harmony–how, then could He/She create something that is the opposite of Him/Her? It is impossible. It makes no sense… But the only natural explanation is very scary to us! The only other possible explanations would be that either we were not created by God or that we are just like God.

Wait a second! We believe that, right? Many of the world religions teach us that God made us on His/Her image. But is that true? Arguably, we don’t believe that because we don’t behave like God, we don’t have the same power as God. Look at the world around us: we hate, kill, rape, treat others as less than ourselves because they are different from us. God wouldn’t do that, would He/She? I think we can agree that the things humans do are definitely un-godly… So where does this line of reasoning take us then?

Let me try to put this in context… We as humans, have embraced the illusion that God created us perfectly innocent and that we lost it… Remember the story of Adam and Eve (for those of you who are Christian)? They were naked and did not feel there was anything wrong with their state of nakedness because they were INNOCENT, PURE, GOOD and more importantly, HOLY. They were just like their Creator! However, depending on which beliefs you subscribe to, we have been told that we did something bad and God punished us by banishing us from His/Her kingdom, “paradise” (as if God were only in ONE place! God is EVERY place!).

This myth implies that God created something that was less than perfect—Adam and Eve sinned, offended God and since God is perfect, the fact that His/Her creation behaved in a less than perfect fashion suggests that they were NOT perfect. Not only that. The story also implies that God was not powerful enough to protect His/Her own creation from their own foolishness… and if you tell me “Oh, but God gave us free will!” I ask then, why would he then punish us for choosing in a way He/She would not? What kind of free will is that? The free will of an arbitrary, domineering and cruel God. Not a God that is pure love…

Please don’t be offended by my words—after all they are just that: words. In reality, we should all be offended when someone says that God punishes and demands we act a certain way because when we say that, we are turning God on His/Her head! We are giving God human attributes. That is the true blasphemy! We have created a lesser God, one that demands things be done a certain way or we will face His/Her punishment. One that accepts that some of his children are better than others. Why would God create diversity of life and then allow only one type of person or creature to cruelly rule over the rest of his creations? Why would God create billions of human beings and then decree that only a handful of them meet His/Her criteria for “salvation” (e.g. by following “x” religion) and the rest are “ungodly” and therefore unworthy of God’s love and will perish in hell? God wouldn’t do that… We have.

And the real question then becomes why do we do the things we, humans, do? One answer, which will probably annoy you, is that everything we do is neutral. Things are the way they are… the value of things in this dimension is given to them by us. And we do that by attaching certain judgments to things. Some people believe that female genital mutilation is a good thing… but many other cultures don’t believe this. So it is us who assign value to things, based on our views of what is “good” or “bad.”

But notice that even this concept of good or bad means different things to different people. So we live in a reality ruled by contrasting things (or you could even call them “truths” if you want). We can call that duality. You have cold and hot; good and bad; light and darkness; kindness and cruelty; generosity and greed. In this dual reality in which we inhabit, we come to better understand some things by experiencing the very opposite.

Oh, sure, some of us think we know kindness, but we truly experience kindness when we have gone through a difficult time and someone is kind to us. That “experience” of being on the receiving end of an act of kindness, of love, of support, of generosity can never be the same as “cognitively knowing” what kindness, love, support or generosity is.

We think we are children of God… but we don’t behave like children of God. We behave often like the very opposite. And what’s most amazing is that we see nothing wrong with that. And in truth, there is nothing wrong with the way we act, unless we decide we don’t want to act that way anymore… but I will get into that later. [Isn’t this fun?!?!]

Now, you are probably still wondering what does all this have to do with the idea that we are like God. Everything! Let me explain.

Imagine the earth for a moment. The earth is a simple entity… a single “thing.” Right? It’s round. It has certain dimensions, and many different components that make up the whole we call earth. It has a magnetic field, a protective layer of ozone, clouds, rivers, seas, valleys, mountains, deserts, volcanoes and glaciers. If you notice, even the components and attributes of the earth are in duality or polarity with each other—valleys and mountains; deserts and glaciers; rocky areas and muddy marshes. Would you say that glaciers, deserts or volcanoes are bad? No, they just are… and they “behave” in certain ways, but that doesn’t make an eruption of a volcano “bad.” It’s a neutral event; something that happens when certain factors converge. That’s all.

So when you think of the earth this way, you can see certain things. First, the earth is a single entity made up of many components or parts that while different from each other—like the desert is different from the glaciers—form a perfect and harmonious WHOLE. The earth cannot possibly reject the parts of it that have different properties because despite the way a volcanic eruption burns and destroys, volcanoes are in perfect harmony with everything else the earth is and are necessary to maintain the balance of the whole planet.

Second, each of the components of the earth is perfect on its own right and different from the others, but it is still part of the “one earth.” Right? You cannot really take away the volcanoes, or even an anthill and still say that’s the same earth. It wouldn’t be. An earth free of volcanoes or glaciers or deserts would not be the same. So even the parts that seem to behave badly (based on our judgment—e.g. they cause property and life loss) are important for the earth to be EARTH. And this is why I love this metaphor….

We, God’s creatures, are extensions of God. When God created us, He/She couldn’t create us outside of Him/Her because there is nothing beyond God.  So when we were created, we were totally connected to God because we emerged from Him/Her. If you have a difficult time with this, hang on for a moment longer. Imagine a new island emerging from the depths of the sea. It is part of the earth, it has emerged from the earth, and so in truth it IS an extension of the earth, and, therefore, it is THE earth, isn’t it?

Likewise, we were created by God, with God’s energy; and since God can only create like Him/Herself, that means we are LIKE God. And if we are like God, the question is then why don’t we behave like Him/Her?

And the answer is that we behave unlike God because we can! And so we do. We create experiences that allow us to understand hate, pain, suffering, misery… but in reality, we are eternal and none of those things can hurt us—the unlimited and vast spirit we are is never diminished by the things we experience in the flesh. But these experiences are what we yearn for.

What we experience when we go through these so called “bad things” (or when we witness the suffering of others), allows us to truly understand the good, the holy and the beautiful. From our human perspective, it’s very difficult for us to accept that genocide is not a bad thing. But if you were a divine spirit and you could live forever, and you knew that nothing that happens to the flesh can touch your divine essence, and you could create anything you wanted and watch it play it in front of you and have the opportunity to experience transformation from despair to absolute joy, from hatred to forgiveness, wouldn’t you want to see how it would happen; how it would play out? And that’s exactly what we do!

We incarnate on this earth and have all kinds of experiences—some beautiful and sublime; others painful and heart-shattering—and since we are ONE (remember, nothing exists outside of God), we all learn from every experience of every human who has ever lived or will ever live. And these experiences enrich our understanding of LOVE because even though we think there is evil and that evil is outside of love…NOTHING is outside of Love. Just like nothing is outside of God! And this, we have to accept through faith… and if we dare do it, our lives are transformed… Why? Because you suddenly realize that YOU are the director of your own play and you can change the plot and the actors and the last scene (which will free you of your physical body and bring you back Home to your Creator) when you want to!

We ARE NOT at the mercy of an invisible and arbitrary God. We are creators and as children of God, we are all powerful. Do you dare wrap your head around that idea?! What have you got to lose? This way of seeing yourself and God can transform your life and empower you to make different choices and to CHOOSE NOW to be happy, even if your life’s circumstances are less than ideal (after all, if they are less than ideal, you were the one who created them and you can change them!).

So, dare to see God as the Great Observer and yourself as the Great Creator… a beautiful duality; two sides of the same perfect and shiny coin, existing in harmony and creating countless experiences for the sheer joy of it!

In love and playful wonder,

Millie Rivera
Kerplunk Mastery

Introduction to Way of Mastery

Basic Concepts

Note: Jeshua uses terms that we commonly associate with Christianity (Christ, Holy Spirit), but don’t be fooled. He is actually rejecting the usual meaning attached to those terms in The Way of Mastery. So try to get pass your dislike of what these terms have come to represent in our society. You will be glad you did when you see how Jeshua uses them.

The Way of Mastery is a trilogy (Way of the Heart, Way of Transformation and Way of Knowing). This work features the channeled messages of Jeshua (Jesus), the master of unconditional love. The focus of Jeshua’s teachings is non-religious and people of all faiths have found that his message of Love resonates with them.

If you are searching for a way to connect not only with God but with the truth of who you really are, reading and studying The Way of Mastery may mark the beginning of your awakening. But The Way of Mastery is not for everyone. One must have a great deal of courage to assume responsibility for what is happening in one’s life.  A key principle or axiom of The Way of Mastery is that everything we experience we have created. This is a tough concept to accept, and yet it can be tremendously empowering since it would mean that we are not at the mercy of anything or anyone.

Whether we are willing to accept it or not, with every gesture, every word, and every decision we CREATE our reality. If we choose to judge people and situations and to live in fear, our reality will be conflict, disease, and suffering. But if we choose to forgive and to embody Love, what we experience is very different.

Love is within us, and indeed, Love is what we are made of. And here is the fascinating truth: We cannot search for love outside of ourselves since it’s what we are! We can only remove the barriers—our fears and judgments—that keep us from letting Love flow freely through us, so we can more easily feel our connection with God.

When we embrace Love, we allow God to flow first TO us and then THROUGH us. Then our entire life is transformed—we get to be filled with joy; and by simply being the embodiment of God’s Love in this world, we can awaken others.

Throughout The Way of the  Mastery, Jeshua talks about reality and He makes a distinction. Our “reality” (with small “r”) is simply anything upon which we choose to focus our awareness. But that reality is an illusion! [If you like paradoxes, you will love The Way of Mastery!] The only Reality (with capital “R”) that truly exists is that we are an extension of God’s Love, in form; that we are God’s only “Son” (not a physical being with a gender, but an extension of the Father, so deeply integrated that it’s not possible to tell where the Father ends and the Son begins); that we are Christ (and the meaning of this term will unfold throughout The Way of Mastery and you will see that it doesn’t just have one meaning, and certainly not the meaning given by organized religion!]

As mentioned above, a key principle or axiom of The Way of Mastery is that everything we experience we have created. That means that we are never victims of circumstances or events, or even people’s actions (I know… this one is hard to accept, but try just for the fun of it…).  Until we accept full responsibility for our power to create our reality, we cannot awaken.  This axiom is presented, actually, throughout the entire Way of Mastery Trilogy (Way of the Heart, Way of Transformation, Way of Knowing) probably because it’s very difficult to accept. Jeshua uses a number of metaphors to describe reality (which we already said is created by what we choose to focus our awareness on).  Here are some of the most commonly used:

  • Our awareness is a still pond, where we throw pebbles (our thoughts and emotions) and the ripples caused by those pebbles are the energy our thoughts create, which in terms creates our reality.
  • Our awareness is a field, where we plant the seeds of love or fear (our thoughts and emotions); the fruits of those seeds are our reality.

Throughout The Way of the Heart, Jeshua talks about God as a Love that is Pure, Unlimited and Infinite.  He also refers to God as creative energy.

Of course, we, humans, are the focus of Jeshua’s teachings in The Way of Mastery. Who are we?  Jeshua says we are the extension of God’s Love in form (not just in a body, but as consciousness).  Here, Jeshua also uses numerous metaphors to help us understand how we are an extension of God, instead of a part of God (that is separate).

  • We are the waves on an infinite Ocean (God being the ocean)
  • We are the rays of a radiant Sun (God being the sun)

The Way of Mastery also talks about our purpose, which Jeshua says is to allow God to extend Love through us throughout the entire universe.  [Just imagine this, with one smile Jeshua says we raise the energy of the universe!]

The Way of Mastery also refers to the “Truth which alone is True.”  This refers to our only REALITY, which is that we are One with God and only His Love is Real. Everything else is an illusion we created when we first had a thought of separation, right after God birthed us and gave us absolute freedom to create.  That thought of separation led to the creation of this “world of duality.”  In God’s Reality there is only Oneness, Perfection, Unlimitedness and Love. There is a faint reference throughout the book (more obvious toward the more advanced lessons) about the fact that our choice to feel separate from God is simply a way for us to “play” and create experiences. Imagine… As powerful children of God, we can do anything with our power (even deny or reject God!) and He will accept it, knowing that in reality we can never separate ourselves from His Love—that is impossible since we are One.

Along this same line of reasoning, since God gave us His own creative power, we created this world (get this: this world exists ONLY within our collective mind!), and He did not interfere or try to make us see our error. Why? Because even though we created this dream of separation (from which, in turn, this world of duality emerged), we will never be able to change who we are (an extension of God’s Love, in form).  So God is letting us play, in our dream, as He lovingly watches over us, knowing that we will eventually wake up.

To make sure we don’t get too lost, God gave us the Holy Spirit (which Jeshua calls the Comforter) as a bridge between our illusory world and the Mind of God (where Reality exists; where we reside as Christ, as the ONLY child of God). The Holy Spirit is constantly reminding us that to be one with God all we have to do is wake up and accept our place, at the right side of the Father.  It’s our choice whether we listen, and there is no judgment if we choose to ignore the Comforter’s whispers because God knows that we are perfectly safe regardless of our choices. There is no hurry. We have eternity to find out way back Home!  [This is something you might have trouble with, so don’t force yourself to accept it all at once… let it sink in slowly. It will make more sense as you continue your work with The Way of Mastery.]

Another important concept in The Way of Mastery is “neutrality.” Jeshua says that all events are neutral until we assess them from a space of Love or fear (we cannot be in both places—Love or fear—at once, by the way). Fear leads to guilt, selfishness, unkindness, judgment, conflict, suffering, and lack; while Love makes everything perfect and perfectly innocent (even the challenges we face and the suffering we witness in the world are simply a way for some souls to create certain experiences). However, note that while events are neutral, our thoughts are not—they are usually colored by our judgment.

If we choose to view events or people as they are—perfectly innocent and neutral—we can accept them peacefully even when they are supposedly “negative” or “bad.” For example, the 2004 Asian tsunami was a neutral event where hundreds of thousands lost their lives and their homes.  While a human perspective will tell us this was a terrible event, if we follow Jeshua’s reasoning, an enlightened mind can view the event as neutral and innocent because we can never die, nothing that happens to us in this reality (with small “r”)  can diminish us in any way because we are eternal and infinite—we have always existed and will continue to exist forever, just like God, even after we leave our physical body behind. This is how Jeshua was able to forgive and love those who crucified Him: He knew that His crucifixion was a neutral event that did not hurt or diminish His divine essence—or who He really was. More importantly, He chose to have that experience to show the world that he was more than a body. (Remember the axiom that says we create our reality? That also applies to Jeshua!)

In The Way of Mastery Jeshua also talks about teaching. What he means is that we teach by “being.”

He also talks about forgiveness [See The Way of the Heart, or WOTH].  There are two types of forgiveness:

  • Basic forgiveness — forgiving self is the way to heal all our suffering since there is only ONE of us (God created only ONE Son) and no one outside of us creates our reality—except us!  Therefore, when we have an issue with anyone, we need to reflect and identify what inside of us needs healing.  As you release judgment and guilt, and are able then to forgive yourself, any healing that was necessary between you and the other person takes place, even if you never talk to him/her about it.
  • Advanced forgiveness — When we fully accept that all we experience in this third dimensional “reality” is an illusion and that all events are perfectly neutral and we are all innocent, good and holy children of God, we realize there is really nothing to forgive and we can see the Love of God in everyone, even those who “hurt” us.

Advanced forgiveness is possible when we are coming from Christ-mindedness. This means when we know “I am God’s only Child and I am that One (God)… I am everyone, and everyone is a Christ.” When you can own this truth, you see that we are all perfectly innocent and forgiveness is never necessary.  [Most of us will have a big problem with this one, so give it time… But slowly you will get beautiful glimpses of what it is like to see others as Christ or as extensions of God; and when you do, you will weep with joy!]

Another term that comes up throughout The Way of Mastery  is atonement.  Atonement is a shift of perception; a correction in our awareness that allows us to accept that we are an extension of God; that we are not separate from our Father. It’s a glimpse of Reality (with capital “R”). It can be seen as “At-one-ment” with our Father—a reunion; a return to who we REALLY are—infinite, powerful creators, innocent; One with God.

Finally, Jeshua talks about the body as a “communication device.” It allows us to receive information in this third dimension through our senses, but the body we have chosen to experience life as humans is not who we are! We are spirit, divine energy… We are divine beings having a physical/human experience, through our bodies.

There are more important concepts throughout the books, but these are a good starting point.

When I started the first Way of Mastery in Singapore in November 1, 2008, everyone was eager and open-hearted; and yet, there was also a great deal of fear and resistance (don’t judge it when it emerges within you; simply acknowledge it and allow it to be). So in our second class, I did this meditation/prayer [see below] and later refined it with Jeshua’s help. Most of this material comes from a lesson in The Way of the Heart. You will recognize the material as you continue reading the books.

This is a powerful prayer and you will feel an energy shift, so make sure you center yourself before you do it, so you create from LOVE and not from fear. [You can actually do it every day and visualize what you wish to create after you finish it.] Enjoy!


I and my Father are ONE!  

What can I create NOW?  Unlimitedness, perfect love, abundance, the ability to heal myself and others…  

I and my Father are ONE! 

Father, create through me the good, the holy and the beautiful for this is the reason for my beingness.  How powerful can I become? How radiant can I become?  How much of YOU can I express through me?

I and my Father are ONE! 

I choose to create joy, happiness, playfulness, peace, and spiritual connectedness with You and all who cross my path.  I choose to forgive my judgment, anger, fear and unkindness without judging myself. Instead, I accept myself totally, knowing that as an extension of the Love that You Are, I have that Love within me and I only need to connect with it to become as radiant as the Sun.  I choose to let go of guilt and fear and instead embrace Your love, which heals everything.

I and my Father are One, and because I trust God completely, I need to do nothing.  The Father does everything through me… and what he creates is good, beautiful and holy!

After you say this prayer, take FIVE MINUTES and visualize what you wish to create.  Sit on a chair and be quietly with yourself (not with God, not with Jeshua, but with your SELF).  Acknowledge:

I am One with God; I am a Christ; I am a creator!

Think then, how does it feel to be a creator with a mind full of peace?  Think of what it’s like to create comfort, enjoyment, relaxation, trust, abundance and joy.  If it helps, ask yourself “What would I like to be like, feel like, do or have?” And create each moment of each day, making sure you have loads of fun!

[Hint: Jeshua loves to play! He says that “seriousness” is a creation of the ego, so don’t take yourself too seriously! When you laugh at your woes it’s very difficult to get drawn into the drama of it all. I use humor to deal with my life’s challenges and it works every time!]

In love, joy and playful wonder,

Millie Rivera
Kerplunk Mastery

In the beginning, there was kerplunk!

The concept of Kerplunk caught my attention back in 2008. That year I began a Way of Mastery (WOM) study group in Singapore. The Way of Mastery is a trilogy that embodies a powerful message from Jeshua bin Joseph (or Jesus)—basically the same principles of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). [Way of the Heart is book 1; Way of Transformation is book 2; and Way of Knowing is book 3.] Unlike ACIM, which is very intellectual, WOM connects directly with the hearts of those who read it.

What makes The Way of Mastery (WOM) particularly powerful is that one can learn the “principles” even if one chooses not to embrace the spiritual message underlying the work. So if you choose to check out The Way of Mastery, set aside your pre-conceptions and seek meaning beyond the obvious; leave aside that which doesn’t resonate with you, and embrace whatever does.

After reading a lesson called “Creation,” (see excerpts below), I was inspired by the term kerplunk and before I knew it, I held regular “kerplunking” sessions with my study group and we enjoyed the process immensely. You see, many people have hidden dreams they don’t dare acknowledge because they have no idea how they could possibly bring them about. But for most of my life, I never worried about how I was going to accomplish something… Intuitively, I always focused on what I wanted and somehow things always turned out the way I wanted—I never knew that synchronicities were special occurrences; they occurred a lot in my life, and I assumed others had the same experience.

Looking back I realize that I unconsciously used The Power of KerplunkTM since I was young; and perhaps that is why when I encountered it in 2008, I embraced it completely and made it part of my life. I had finally found a name for what I did.

When I first encountered WOM, I was apprehensive. The book makes reference to Jeshua (Jesus) and Christ and I feared it would be religious-based, and I have always been extremely careful about religion since it’s a very personal choice. But to my surprise, WOM has a universal message of love, forgiveness and personal empowerment that embraces everyone willing to leave his or her preconceptions aside; and the concept of Christ refers to an unconditionally loving, all-embracing, non-judgmental consciousness that belongs to all of humanity.

I have used many of the principles from WOM in my academic teaching and also in other non-spiritual settings. People usually react favourably to the principles because they work on a very practical level. So I don’t always speak about the “spiritual” message of the work I do. However, in the interest of full disclosure, I include this information so people can read more if they are interested.

Here are the basic tenets of WOM in a nutshell:

  • They key axiom (or principle) of WOM is that we are the sole creators of everything in our lives and that God does not dictate what happens to us. In fact, WOM says that “the world is perfectly innocent” and we are encouraged to “forgive” everyone and everything since nothing of this world can enhance or diminish God’s perfect creation (us) in any way.
  • Unless we accept full responsibility for our creative power and everything that happens in our life, we will remain a “victim of the world” (read that to mean unenlightened).
  • Even if we are not aware, we have the power to create our “reality,” and we exercise it constantly by choosing on what to focus our awareness. This power is ours by virtue of our relationship with God, our Creator.
  • We are eternal—we have always existed and always will.
  • We are an extension of God, in form, and our purpose is to extend God’s love to the world. How we do it is totally up to us.
  • As extensions of God, we have to do nothing to prove our worth and earn our place in “God’s kingdom.” We are born into this lifetime worthy, and nothing we do, say or believe can change that.
  • Every experience we create is perfect and neutral (we ascribe meaning to it) and when we outgrow it, we have the power and freedom to choose a completely different experience. So if we choose to be victims our entire life, we have the freedom to do it and God does not judge (and certainly doesn’t punish) us.
  • The body is simply a communication device. It exists as long as we focus our awareness on it. We die (to this lifetime) when we choose to release that awareness.
  • WOM uses terms with lower and capital letters: Forgiveness v. forgiveness; Love v. love; Reality v. reality. The capitalized terms represent eternal and unchanging  truths while the others represent egoic concepts that we accept as truth. [If you are interested in this, read the Basic Concepts of Way of Mastery]

When people first encounter these principles some recoil in fear. WOM shifts the balance of power in ways many people are not always ready to embrace. And that is perfectly fine.

WOM says that we are not at the mercy of an arbitrary God. Instead, we are, in essence, pure awareness, pure wisdom, pure consciousness, and we have within us all the wisdom and intelligence to create as God creates. And even though we are not aware, we create every second of every hour of every day…

Jeshua uses the metaphor of the pond to explain our creative power. The pond is our awareness and the pebbles we throw in the pond are our thoughts. The moment we drop a pebble, the ripples created by the pebble are the energy that leads to manifestation.  And since we are part of God, and God is the “universal” and “absolute” mind that knows everything and creates everything, then we too, have the ability to be in constant relationship with all of creation (and with God).

Another key message in WOM is that our suffering in this world is the result of our belief that we are separate from God. But that is simply an illusion. There is no separation between God and us. We and our Father are One (this is another message repeated throughout WOM).

The Way of Mastery is available through the Shanti Chrito Foundation and amazon.com.

In joy and playful wonder,

Millie Rivera
Kerplunk Mastery